Transmission de solos


Re-creation and creation of solos by Louise Bédard Danse compagny

In the fall of 2020, five solos were reassembled for the camera in order to enhance the visual archives of Louise Bédard Danse. During this disruptive period when the situation of artists was undermined, the goal was to give dancers a glimmer of hope. No one could have predicted how long it would take to break the impasse caused by COVID 19.  As soon as the government’s sanitary measures were relaxed, it was finally possible to get back into the studio. It was with a certain excitement that choreographer Louise Bédard once again devoted herself to the creation and re-creation of the solos with the artists, favouring one-on-one time with each of the performers.

With the exception of a solo created from scratch during the pandemic, all the others were extracted from their original context in order to give them new contours and expressive forces through the image. Combined with a vital and visceral impulse, the artistic work of the dancers unfolded under the watchful eye of director Mario Côté. The solos were filmed in one day at the Jeanne Renaud studio at Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.


Photo: Marie Claire Forté in FLOOD, solo from the work La Démarquise. Photo taken in 2017, the year the work was re-created. Credit David Wong.


Espace Perreault get-together: Recreating solos

December 13, 2022
Espace Perreault Get-Togethers are 5 à 7 events that offer a warm, relaxed atmosphere to meet dance artists, ask them questions, and find out what drives them. Every 5 à 7 event is dedicated to a specific, shared challenge that is central to the creative...


Excerpt from work

La Grincheuse, by Louise Bédard

La Grincheuse 2021, video num, 17 min 15 s La Grincheuse is a solo created by choreographer Louise Bédard and performed by dancer Sarah Williams. It was originally created as part of the work La Démarquise, in which Sarah Williams played several roles, including that…

Excerpt from work

Le Collier de Sélène, by Louise Bédard

Le Collier de Sélène 2021, video num, 12 min 28 s Le Collier de Sélène is a solo created by choreographer Louise Bédard in complicity with dancer Marie Claire Forté. This solo (2014) has been danced too few times, hence the importance of giving it…

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Odalisca, by Louise Bédard

Odalisca, 2021, 12 min 56 s Odalisca was created during the pandemic in 2020 by choreographer Louise Bédard with the valuable assistance of Louis-Élyan Martin.   A word from the choreographer In 2019 I accumulated some material composed of short sequences with the dancer Louis-Élyan…


Fabulations à propos des solos de Louise Bédard (in French)

Photo above: Guylaine Massoutre and Louise Bédard during a get-together about the recreation of solos that inspired the writing of this text. For a completely fresh way into Louise Bédard’s world, a Guylaine Massoutre’s lovely essay which “ties” her series of solos to the long...
Excerpt from work

FLOOD, by Louise Bédard

FLOOD 2021, video num, 8 min 35 s, s.-d. FLOOD a solo created by choreographer Louise Bédard and performed by dancer Marie Claire Forté. This solo is an integral part of La Démarquise, a group work created in 1996 and revived in 2017.   A…


Reprises, créations, passations : les parcours chorégraphiques de Louise Bédard (in French)

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