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La Grincheuse, by Louise Bédard

Mario Côté
Louise Bédard Danse
Sound mixing
Keith McMullen
Calibration and coloring
Richard Boudrias

La Grincheuse 2021, video num, 17 min 15 s

La Grincheuse is a solo created by choreographer Louise Bédard and performed by dancer Sarah Williams. It was originally created as part of the work La Démarquise, in which Sarah Williams played several roles, including that of La Grincheuse.


A word from the choreographer
Claiming her presence in the world, La Grincheuse is the image of a woman of many faces, destined to make her way towards her own sensations and emotions. Through her actions and the use of certain objects, she conjures up playfulness and strangeness, to the point of forgetting the obvious inner upheavals. At once delicate, abrupt and tender, her gestures are part of that precious moment whose soothing she recognizes.


La Grincheuse was created in 2016 in collaboration with the performer
Choreographer: Louise Bédard
Performer: Sarah Williams
Music: Diane Labrosse,
Costumes: Valeska G.
Director of photography: Steeve Desrosiers


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