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Espace Perreault is committed to nourishing and inspiring the dance community

Our initiatives celebrate dance within our community and help to showcase our talent at home and abroad. If, like us, you believe in Espace Perreault’s mandate and its importance within the dance ecosystem, make a donation! All donations, however big or small, truly make a difference to our work.

“For me, Espace Perreault is a space to reflect and share in-depth knowledge. Over time, I’ve seen dance memories proliferate and create the fertile territories we need to develop a contemporary vision of dance. In Espace Perrault I find a place to voice my thoughts and listen to the voices of smart, sensitive creators who enlighten, move, unsettle and teach me, and in so doing, carry me forward.”

– Sophie Michaud, artistic consultant and rehearsal director

“In creating a choreographic toolkit for my work Les Choses dernières, the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault recognized its importance within Quebec’s contemporary dance heritage. This mark of recognition was a determining event in the development of my company. I am extremely grateful for it.”

– Lucie Grégoire, Montreal choreographer and dancer

Thanks to National Bank Private Banking 1859, major sponsor of the 2021-2022 fundraising campaign.


Espace Perreault is recognized as a charitable organization. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations.


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