Fabulations à propos des solos de Louise Bédard (in French)

Guylaine Massoutre

Photo above: Guylaine Massoutre and Louise Bédard during a get-together about the recreation of solos that inspired the writing of this text.

For a completely fresh way into Louise Bédard’s world, a Guylaine Massoutre’s lovely essay which “ties” her series of solos to the long narrative poem The Rat Charmer by the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva. An essay that transports us as much into choreographic creations as into the poet’s imagination.

For more information visit the French version of this article: 


Transmission de solos


Re-creation and creation of solos by Louise Bédard Danse compagny In the fall of 2020, five solos were reassembled for the camera in order to enhance the visual archives of Louise Bédard Danse. During this disruptive period when the situation of artists was undermined, the…


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