Je me souviens…


This series of dance portraits is based on testimonials from dancers about the legacy of their practice.

What memories fuel your dance practice? What heritage has particularly marked your path? These dancing portraits share the thoughts and experiences of dancers on questions of memory and transmission: What do you remember from your training? What is your relationship with tradition in your practice? What’s important to you to pass on?

Co-directed by Katya Montaignac and Philippe Meunier, these dancing portraits are drawn from the archives of the show Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous et toutes des gigueurs et des gigueuses created by Sophie Corriveau and Katya Montaignac and produced by Bigico in October 2019 at Théâtre Aux Écuries in co-presentation with Danse-Cité.



Video interview

Normand Legault, tradition bearer

In the first video in the series, Normand Legault tells us about his career. In Saguenay, as he was starting CEGEP, he discovered jigs and felt an aesthetic shock from a form that is part of the beating heart of his new community. That’s where…