Video interview

Pierre Chartrand, sculpteur de pas

Katya Montaignac
Philippe Meunier
Philippe Meunier
Espace Perreault Choreographic transmission

A beautiful, embodied reflection danced by Pierre Chartrand about the tension between tradition and creation: how do we absorb the past to dispel it and keep dance moving forward?

A creation of the dance artist Katya Montaignac and dancer, videographer, and editor Philippe Meunier, Je me souviens… is a series of short videos created from images recorded during performances of Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des gigueurs et des gigueuses, vivid testimonials from dancers from different jig practices.


Je me souviens…


This series of dance portraits is based on testimonials from dancers about the legacy of their practice. What memories fuel your dance practice? What heritage has particularly marked your path? These dancing portraits share the thoughts and experiences of dancers on questions of memory and…


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Bertrand Chénier and Jean-Pierre Perreault: Partners in creation (In French)

An interview of composer Bertrand Chenier by essayist Guylaine Massoutre on his relationship with choreographer Jean-Pierre Perreault. For more information, visit the French version of this article: Bertrand Chénier et Jean-Pierre Perreault : Partenaires en création

Video interview

La Chute : Eros and Thanatos (excerpt)

Documentation on the creative process of La Chute.


Jean-Pierre Perreault, Choreographer

The virtual exhibition Jean-Pierre Perreault, Choreographer, directed by Ginelle Chagnon, reveals the world of Jean-Pierre Perreault, tracing his personal and artistic journey. The exhibition features 15 major works accompanied by over 625 photographs, drawings, manuscript notes, dance notations, program excerpts and posters. The exhibition also features...

Territoires Partagés – article by Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin and Natalie Zoey Gauld

Conversation sur un projet d’analyse/réflexion/passation/documentation en lien avec l’œuvre pédagogique d’Angélique Willkie By Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin and Natalie Zoey Gauld Article written for Territoires Partagés – January 2019   Comment est né ce projet? How did this project come to be? In April 2017, in…