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Rachel Carignan, spasmes

Katya Montaignac
Philippe Meunier
Philippe Meunier
Espace Perreault Choreographic transmission

In this video, the artist looks back at her discovery of jigs as a young teen, then embarking on a bachelor’s degree in dance, where she discovered ballet, her arms, and the importance of the gaze, sensation, and corporeality. How did she incorporate these new ideas into her jig? That’s for you to explore!

A creation of the dance artist Katya Montaignac and dancer, videographer, and editor Philippe Meunier, Je me souviens… is a series of short videos created from images recorded during performances of Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des gigueurs et des gigueuses, vivid testimonials from dancers from different jig practices.


Je me souviens…


This series of dance portraits is based on testimonials from dancers about the legacy of their practice. What memories fuel your dance practice? What heritage has particularly marked your path? These dancing portraits share the thoughts and experiences of dancers on questions of memory and…


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Paul-André Fortier’s Bras de plomb featured in the MAGDANCE 5 art + dance + archive, a Mackenzie Art Gallery initiative

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