Video interview

Normand Legault, tradition bearer

Katya Montaignac
Philippe Meunier
Philippe Meunier
Espace Perreault Choreographic Transmission

In the first video in the series, Normand Legault tells us about his career. In Saguenay, as he was starting CEGEP, he discovered jigs and felt an aesthetic shock from a form that is part of the beating heart of his new community. That’s where he says he learned to “steal” his jig steps from Rita, Almène, Émilien… who continue to dance with him, in his body and mind. It is a beautiful, danced portrait of an ambassador of traditions.


A creation of the dance artist Katya Montaignac and dancer, videographer, and editor Philippe Meunier, Je me souviens… is a series of short videos created from images recorded during performances of Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des gigueurs et des gigueuses, vivid testimonials from dancers from different jig practices.


Je me souviens…


This series of dance portraits is based on testimonials from dancers about the legacy of their practice. What memories fuel your dance practice? What heritage has particularly marked your path? These dancing portraits share the thoughts and experiences of dancers on questions of memory and…


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Cartes postales de Chimère restaging-handover A single figure wanders through time and across different paths to imaginary continents; towards vast and opulent places. Movements emerge, like landmarks along the way; worlds are shaped by mature hands, lands made rich by a child’s eyes. Where are…

Video interview

Portraits croisés – Louise Bédard vue par Catherine Gaudet

(in French) Following the intergenerational collaborations that gave rise to the work Pluton, La 2e Porte à Gauche imagined a series of portraits produced by Claudia Chan Tak with the help of Katya Montaignac. Major figures in Quebec contemporary dance are presented through the gaze…

Event recording

Entre traces et écritures : Processus de documentation et archives créatives (round table discussion)

With Amy Bowring, Gabrielle Larocque, Valérie Lessard. Moderator: Katya Montaignac «Entre traces et écritures» took place in Hexagram UQAM’s experimentation lab in Montreal from May 15 to 18, 2018.  

Excerpt from work

The dis/embodied archive

In the gallery’s refined space, Sybille Müller dances the embodied and disembodied archive in five movements. Through words and dance, the artist takes us through different timelines of the gallery’s history.