Video interview

Victoria, how it all began (in French)

Dulcinea Langfelder & Co and Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault

Interview with Dulcinea Langfelder, led by Viktoria Bobovskaia

Video : Nikita Bershanski, Pivot Films Inc.
Excerpts : Victoria, Dulcinea Langfelder & Co, 2000 and Victoria, le film, Dulcinea Langfelder & Co, 2021
Pictures: Charles Fariala. Photographer and date unknown – Réal Bossé and Dulcinea Langfelder in Victoria. Photo credit: Yves Dubé, 1999 – Dulcinea Langfelder as a mime. Photographer and date unknown – Dulcinea Langfelder in Cercle Vicieux. Photo credit : Chantal Rosant, date unknown


Victoria: how it all began


Dulcinea Langfelder created Victoria in 1999—a dance piece about old age, vulnerability and cognitive decline. It has been presented in fifteen countries and eight languages, and is still available for touring today. To pay tribute to the work and the issues it raises, Dulcinea Langfelder…


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Texte préparé pour ma participation à séance : « Implication des interprètes dans la création en danse : question de la cocréation. Qu’en pensent-ils, qu’en pensent-elles ? » Marie Claire Forté, octobre 2019


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Victoria, the choreography

To complement videos around Victoria by Dulcinea Langfelder, the company offers four short texts on themes that deepen our understanding of the piece. MOVEMENTS – THE ESSENCE OF VICTORIA Dance touches us on a much deeper level than speech. It allows a metaphorical imagery that...

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Life is full of surprises and beautiful stories. During the winter of 2021, artist and illustrator Youloune was exploring our website when she came across the video recordings of the event held by Ondinnok: Constrained Body, Dancing Body, Conversations and performances on Indigenous dance in…