In My Body (work in progress)

2020 - 2023 (ongoing)

Yvon Soglo (a.k.a Crazy Smooth) is a choreographer and founder of the company Bboyizm. He is also currently an artist in the long-term residency program at the Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV, which provides support and access to its creation studio. Bboyizm has embarked on a two-year research and creation cycle that will result in In My Body, a large-scale work for ten dancers, produced by the CCOV.

In collaboration with Bboyizm and the CCOV, and with the participation of artistic consultant Sophie Michaud, the Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault documents the creation of the work, preserving it for future generations and recognizing the important role of hip-hop in the development of contemporary dance at home and abroad.

In My Body brings together three generations of hip-hop artists. Yvon Soglo offers a unique perspective on dancing bodies—his own and those of his young and mature dancers.



Video interview

Encounter with Crazy Smooth, choreographer and Anyo, Julie Rock and Tash, dancers

The latest video documenting the creative process for the piece In my body, this interview gives voice to the choreographer Yvon Soglo and three generations (oldest, middle and youngest) of hip hop dancers: Tash, Julie Rock and Anyo. With a close connection and lots of laughter,…

Video interview

Encounter with Alejandro Rodriguez, author

In a lively, inspired interview, Alejandro Rodriguez, theatre artist and poet of Cuban origin living in New York, tells us about the genesis of his friendship with Crazy Smooth, the partnership that blossomed through their love for hip hop culture, and his contribution to the…

Video interview

Encounter with Crazy Smooth, choreographer

Dramaturgical consultant Sophie Michaud explores with the choreographer Crazy Smooth the creative process for the play In My Body, which features nine hip hop artists spanning three generations. Yvon Soglo, alias Crazy Smooth, discusses the emotions and difficulties generated by COVID, working with the multimedia…

Video interview

IN MY BODY – in creation (excerpt)

With Crazy Smooth, Bourrik, DKC Freeze, Effect, Jayson Collantes, Jerick Collantes, Julie Rock, Melly Mel, Tash, Nubian Néné, Tiffany Leung