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Encounter with Crazy Smooth, choreographer and Anyo, Julie Rock and Tash, dancers

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The latest video documenting the creative process for the piece In my body, this interview gives voice to the choreographer Yvon Soglo and three generations (oldest, middle and youngest) of hip hop dancers: Tash, Julie Rock and Anyo.

With a close connection and lots of laughter, the artists explore the challenge of the aging body in a form focused on virtuosity. They talk about their fragility, their strength, their fascination with coming together as an intergenerational cast, as well as the importance of the present moment and the power of the group – a family of dancers, explains Yvon – even though hip hop is often associated with the individual. A unique, inspired and vibrant interview, conducted by Sophie Michaud, dramaturgical advisor for the project.


In My Body (work in progress)


Yvon Soglo (a.k.a Crazy Smooth) is a choreographer and founder of the company Bboyizm. He is also currently an artist in the long-term residency program at the Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV, which provides support and access to its creation studio. Bboyizm has…


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