Archives #3 (In French)

October 18, 2022
Conception of the project and practice facilitation
Mathilde Loslier-Pellerin
Invited artists
Camille Lacelle Wilsey, Rebecca Rehder et Frédérique Roy

October archives of the project Pluriels

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Espace Perreault hosts on its website traces of the project Pluriels, a performative installation initiated by Mathide Loslier Pellerin, and supports its creative process.   An atmosphere of time; translated spaces.   Pluriels is a performative installation in progress that invites bodies to navigate space through…


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Territoires Partagés – interview with Karla Étienne (in French)

Karla Étienne presents PEFAPDA – an interview led by Johanna Bienaise for Territoires Partagés – November 2019  

Video interview

Victoria, l’héroïne au-delà de la folie (in French)

Interview with Dulcinea Langfelder, led by Luce Des Aulniers

Video interview

Histoire d’une création (in French)

Interview with Jeff Hall and Pierre-Paul Savoie on their work Bagne, conducted by Andrée Martin on April 27, 2017, at the Department of Dance of the Université du Québec à Montréal. The production of this video was made possible through the financial support of the…

Video interview

Victoria, la transmission du rôle (in French)

Interview with Dulcinea Langfelder and Anne Sabourin, led by Isabelle Poirier