Audio interview

Territoires Partagés – audio interview with Lisa Davies

May, 2019
Lisa Davies
Interview by
Erin Flynn

Lisa Davies, general and artistic director of Danse à la Carte (DAC), recounts her journey as a performer and teacher in an audio interview with Erin Flynn. She discusses the origins of DAC, founded in 2014 and of TransFormation Danse, as well as the importance of bringing the communities of classical, contemporary, and urban dance together. Offering support and activities around creation and professional development is at the heart of Lisa Davies’s involvement in Montreal’s dance community.



Territoires Partagés


Territoires Partagés (November 18 to May 2020) was a website designed to observe and document dance training practices in Quebec. The site included sections with texts, interviews, podcasts and visual documents highlighting multiple practices. It was an opportunity for artists to explore the dance ecosystem,…


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Danser en situation de confinement Par Chloé Saintesprit Texte écrit pour Territoires Partagés – Avril 2020 Pina Bausch disait « Dansez, sinon nous sommes perdus. ».   La pandémie de Covid-19 a modifié notre rapport à l’espace, à notre corps et aux autres. Cette contrainte nous fait…