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Territoires Partagés – audio interview with David Rancourt (in French)

December 2019
Territoires Partagés

David Rancourt, performer, choreographer, teacher, coach and co-artistic director of PPS Danse, shares the principles that underpin his teaching, which combines dance and Qi Gong.

In a podcast in the Territoires partagés series, Erin Flynn interviewed the dance artist David Rancourt. David talks about his roots, the journey that led him to train in and teach Qi Gong. He explains how Qi Gong fuels and interrogates his practices of interpretation and teaching in dance. The two artists talk about ritual, curiosity, patience, rootedness, and energy work that makes it possible to encounter blockages without judgement. The fascinating discussion continues around the unknown and the inner smile.



Territoires Partagés


Territoires Partagés (November 18 to May 2020) was a website designed to observe and document dance training practices in Quebec. The site included sections with texts, interviews, podcasts and visual documents highlighting multiple practices. It was an opportunity for artists to explore the dance ecosystem,…


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