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Legacy Project – episode 1

Summer 2015
Dorian Nuskind-Oder
Dorian Nuskind-Oder
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The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation presents The Legacy Project / Projet Héritage, an initiative dedicated to preserve and transmit Margie Gillis’ unique and important creative heritage.

The combined documents are from the first project development stage, which took place in Acton Vale in the summer of 2015. The pilot project enabled more than 10 participants from Canada and the United States to intimately enter Margie’s creative world through discussions as well as performance, creation and teaching workshops.

The participants to the summer 2015 project : Lindsey Renee Derry, Maggie Forgeron, Kate Hilliard, Ruth Levin, Teresa Marcaida, Troy Ogilvie, Susan Paulson, Makaila Wallace, Daphne Fernberger, Springboard Danse Montreal and the 2015 edition dancers.


The Legacy Project


In June 2015, ten dance artists came to Quebec to take part in a period of reflection and experimentation around the Legacy Project, developed by the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation. For ten days, the participants explored Margie Gillis’ repertoire and unique methods of teaching. They…


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