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Tangente’s first video archive – Locus

February 14-15, 1981

Locus (1975), by Trisha Brown

Dancer: Lisa Kraus

Tangente, support: ½ inch bobin


Tangente: archives


A major player in contemporary dance in Montreal, Tangente has offered audiences bold and innovative annual programming for 35 years. Since its founding, more than 1,500 artists over three generations have enjoyed support in developing and presenting shows. Between the official opening of its doors…


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Video interview

Danse Mutante – Video 9

While Mélanie was working on assembling all the mutations into a final work, she met with Marie-Louise Arsenault from the Radio-Canada program Plus on est de fous, plus on lit. Here she reads a text from Cantique, the work she originally created for Danse Mutante.

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Bouncing off the archive #3

Archive #3 presents a mysterious video in which Hanna Sybille Müller again dances with Lauren Semeschuk and Nate Yaffe. The video captures seeing the other dancing and being seen dancing, to transform gestures made in the pared-down space of the gallery, filled only with chairs….

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The archive of gestures

Hanna Sybille Müller collected gestures that were performed by the gallery’s staff when an exhibition was being prepared, inaugurated or discussed, and she composed them in a score. Working with each staff member, she discussed how their gestures should be performed. The choreography is an…

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The dis/embodied archive

In the gallery’s refined space, Sybille Müller dances the embodied and disembodied archive in five movements. Through words and dance, the artist takes us through different timelines of the gallery’s history.