Event recording

Danser Joe at Older & Reckless #39

Novembre 2016
Video recording
Peyman Soheili
MOonhORsE Dance Theatre and Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault
18 min 22
Claudia Moore, MOonhORsE Dance Theatre
Rehearsal/Workshop Leaders
Catherine Tardif & Bonnie Kim (assistant)
Jean-Pierre Perreault

Presentation of a Danser Joe workshop led by Catherine Tardif, assisted by Bonnie Kim (created in 2013 by Ginelle Chagnon) in Toronto for Older & Reckless #39. A coproduction of MoONhORsE Dance Theater

Older & Reckless #39 presented by MOonhORsE Dance Theatre in association with Harbourfront Centre, November 11 & 12, 2016

Performed by: Julia Alpin, Marie-Josée Chartier, Bonnie Kim, Julia Sasso, Gerry Trentham, Linda Carter, Mai Duong, Peter Earle, Real Eguchi, Lori Endes, Rhonda Feduck, Liz Haines, Carole Ito, Suzanne Jaeger, David Keshen, Slade Lander, Lainie Magidsohn, Dino Paoletti, Johanna Pax-Milic, Sebastian Oreamuno, Sucheta Rajagopal, Eve Schifman, Judith Ann Smith, Gary Tai, Andy Wang, Michael Ward, Dianne Weinrib and Patricia White


Danser Joe


Since 2013, the workshops for dancers and non-dancers created by Ginelle Chagnon have helped revive Jean-Pierre Perreault’s choreographic repertoire throughout Quebec. The Danser Joe workshops, which are designed for amateur dancers and high school students through the Culture-Education directory, allow participants of all ages to immerse…


Danser Joe in Toronto

The workshop Danser Joe was presented in Toronto, in co-production with MOonhoRsE dance theatre, as part of the Older & Reckless show marking the company’s 20th anniversary.  From November 7 to 12, Catherine Tardif and Bonnie Kim led the workshop created by Ginelle Chagnon. Over…

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Event recording

Les Impatientes dansent Joe – A look back at the experience

This new video from Mathi Loslier Pellerin features artists from the group Les Impatientes – Chantale Daigneault, Christiane Deschênes, Nia Gueye, Sylvie Laflamme, Marie-Diane Lee, Diane Major, Victoria Saraguro, Sonia Verreault, and Sandra Zéline – who, on November 29, danced excerpts from Joe. In it,…

Give for Joe!

For almost two years, Espace Perreault has been enthusiastically working on producing a choreographic toolkit that will document and transmit the piece Joe by Jean-Pierre Perreault. The initiative is headed up with great passion by Ginelle Chagnon, who had the good fortune to be Jean-Pierre Perreault’s assistant....
Event recording

Les Impatientes dansent Joe – the performance

Invested, focused, united: on November 29, nine members of the group Les Impatients – Chantale Daigneault, Christiane Deschênes, Nia Gueye, Sylvie Laflamme, Marie-Diane Lee, Diane Major, Victoria Saraguro, Sonia Verreault, and Sandra Zéline – presented Danser Joe, the workshop created in 2013 by Ginelle Chagnon…

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Legacy Project – episode 2: Teaching

The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation presents The Legacy Project / Projet Héritage, an initiative dedicated to preserve and transmit Margie Gillis’ unique and important creative heritage. The combined documents are from the first project development stage, which took place in Acton Vale in the summer…