Event recording

Les Impatientes dansent Joe – A look back at the experience

November 29, 2022
Département de danse de l'UQAM
Mathi Loslier Pellerin
Espace Perreault Choreographic transmission
19 min 12

This new video from Mathi Loslier Pellerin features artists from the group Les Impatientes – Chantale Daigneault, Christiane Deschênes, Nia Gueye, Sylvie Laflamme, Marie-Diane Lee, Diane Major, Victoria Saraguro, Sonia Verreault, and Sandra Zéline – who, on November 29, danced excerpts from Joe. In it, Catherine Tardif conveys with spirit and sensitivity what Joe is. The dancers take turns reflecting on the experience, the character of Joe, moving their bodies through space, the memory of the dancing body, and their relationship with Jean-Pierre Perreault. Beautiful, moving, and powerful.


Les Impatients is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people with mental health issues through artistic expression. Creative workshops are offered to promote exchanges with the community through the dissemination of the work produced in the workshops.


Danser Joe


Since 2013, the workshops for dancers and non-dancers created by Ginelle Chagnon have helped revive Jean-Pierre Perreault’s choreographic repertoire throughout Quebec. The Danser Joe workshops, which are designed for amateur dancers and high school students through the Culture-Education directory, allow participants of all ages to immerse…


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