Video interview

Danse Mutante – Video 9

Xavier Curnillon
3 min 45
MAYDAY and the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault
Concept and artistic direction
Mélanie Demers
Mélanie Demers, Ann Liv Young, Kettly Noël, Ann Van den Broek, in collaboration with the dancers
Francis Ducharme, Riley Sims
Angélique Willkie
Rehearsal Direction
Anne-Marie Jourdenais
Assistant to the choreographer
Nik Rajšek (M3)
Alexandre Pilon-Guay (V0+M1+M2+M3), Ann Van den Broek (M3)
Technical Direction
Julien Veronneau
David Blouin
Original Music
Mykalle Bielinski (V0)
David Blouin (V0), Olivier Girouard (V0)
Tom Barman Live for the song Everybody's weird (M3)
Sound Counselor
Nicolas Rambouts (M3)
Mélanie Demers, Ann Liv Young, Kettly Noël, Ann Van den Broek, Max-Otto Fauteux
Creative residencies
Centre de Création O Vertigo (V0), Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique (V0+M1+M2), Donko Seko (M2), cultuurcentrum Berchem (M3), Theater Rotterdam (M3), Agora de la danse (V0+M1+M2+M3)

While Mélanie was working on assembling all the mutations into a final work, she met with Marie-Louise Arsenault from the Radio-Canada program Plus on est de fous, plus on lit. Here she reads a text from Cantique, the work she originally created for Danse Mutante.


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Danse mutante is a bold collective project that explores the mutation of a dance work, as well as ideas around transmission and performers’ authority and creative contribution. In the words of the project creator Mélanie Demers: “Danse Mutante is a duet performed by Francis Ducharme…


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Video interview

Danse Mutante – Video 10

This tenth capsule is capturing the huge adventure of Danse Mutante that lasted over two years.

Video interview

Danse mutante – Capsule 1

With :Francis Ducharme, Riley Sims, Mélanie Demers, Alexandre Pilon-Guay, Mykalle Bielinski, Anne-Marie Jourdenais, David Blouin and Julien Veronneau.

Video interview

Danse Mutante – Video 7

Danse Mutante is a duet performed by Francis Ducharme and Riley Sims, destined to know multiple mutations as it passes through the hands of four female choreographers on three different continents. A slice of life in Rotterdam with dancers Francis Ducharme and Riley Sims, and…