Choreographic toolkit: Les Choses dernières

November 21, 2017

Created in 1994 and loosely based on Paul Auster’s novel, In the Country of Last Things, this solo piece is the culmination of Lucie Grégoire’s tireless quest to understand identity. In 2016, Grégoire transmitted the work to Isabelle Poirier, another dancer renowned for her intensity, to mark the 30th anniversary of the company Lucie Grégoire Danse.

In Les Choses dernières, a woman emerges from the night as if from a hidden, obscure land. Her gestures examine time. Her body remains fugitive, almost transparent. In the “country of last things,” where everything disintegrates, she continues to wander, inhabited by an urgent desire to live. Lighting designed by Alain Lortie and music by Robert M. Lepage envelop the stage and give it a cinematic quality, enhancing the dancer’s veiled yet powerful sensuality.

“While I was creating Les Choses dernières, I felt and saw a strength and energy in myself that I barely suspected was there,” says Lucie Grégoire. “It was like a volcanic eruption. Transmitting this intangible aspect of the creative process required a total commitment on the part of Isabelle Poirier, which went beyond technique. She had to be fully present, in body, heart and soul. I had two main concerns: transposing the essence of this solo piece and making sure the dancer could make it hers and breathe her own life into it.”


Launch of the choreographic toolkits Bagne and Les Choses dernières

November 21, 2017

On November 21, 2017, the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault launched the choreographic toolkits Bagne, by Jeff Hall and Pierre-Paul Savoie, and Les Choses dernières, by Lucie Grégoire.    Digital collection of choreographic toolkits The toolkits, based on an original idea by Ginelle Chagnon, are a collection…


Video interview

Interview between Lucie Grégoire and Paul Auster

The choreographer and dancer Lucie Grégoire celebrated her dance company thirtieth birthday founded in 1986 with the restaging of Les Choses dernières, inspired by Paul Auster’s book Le voyage d’Anna Blume. Recorded February 27, 2016, in Brooklyn (NY). Directed by Paulo Castro-Lopes.

Excerpt from work

Les Choses dernières – Excerpt 1994

Filming and editing: Paulo Castro-Lopes Editing of the excerpt: Ariane Dessaulles

Excerpt from work

Les Choses dernières – Excerpt 2016

Recorded at l’Agora de la danse, Montreal, March 9 to 12 mars 2016. Direction and editing: Paulo Castro-Lopes. Recording: Paulo Castro-Lopes et Mario Calvé Choreography: Lucie Grégoire Dancer: Isabelle Poirier Original music: Robert M. Lepage Lighting design: Alain Lortie, recreated by Marc Parent Costumes, makeup, and hair:…

Video interview

Un impérieux besoin de résonance : Lucie Grégoire (in French)

Interview with Lucie Grégoire about her work Les choses dernières, conducted by Guylaine Massoutre on May 3, 2016, at the studio Lucie Grégoire Danse. Filming and editing: Paulo Castro-Lopes Assistant: Ariane Dessaulles