Young dancers breathe new life into JOE ET RODOLPHE at the National Arts Centre Theater in Ottawa

May 9, 2012

Only a few weeks after the launch of the virtual exhibition Jean-Pierre Perreault, Choreographer, young dancers from five Canadian cities will tackle Perreault’s work. The Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault was honoured to accept an invitation from five professional dance schools to adapt the work Joe et Rodolphe, first mounted in 1983. The piece will be performed by the schools’ graduating students under the direction of Ginelle Chagnon, assisted by Sophie Breton. The performance will provide the young dancers with an opportunity to engage with the work of a major choreographer.

Every year since 2008, the École de danse de Montréal (formerly LADMMI Montréal), The School of Dance (Ottawa), School of Toronto Dance Theatre (Toronto), School of Contemporary Dancers (Winnipeg) and École de danse de Québec (Québec City) have performed an ensemble piece by a Canadian choreographer in collaboration with the Canada Dance Festival. This year, the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perrault has been granted the privilege of designing the program for some 60 graduating students at Canada’s major dance schools. It will first be presented in segments by each of the schools as part of its end-of-term show:

  • École de danse de Montréal (formerly LADMMI): May 24-26, Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montréal
  • The School of Dance (Ottawa): May 25-26, Nouvelle Scène, Ottawa
  • School of Toronto Dance Theatre: May 3-5 and May 9-12, Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto
  • School of Contemporary Dancers (Winnipeg): May 17-20, Gas Station Art Center, Winnipeg
  • École de danse de Québec: May 18-19, Théâtre de la Bordée, Québec City

Joe et Rodolphe will be presented in full at the Canada Dance Festival at 8 p.m. June 12 at the National Arts Centre Theatre in Ottawa. Tickets are available on the Canada Dance Festival website.