Translation of new activities in the Educational Discovery Guide

May 2, 2017

Twenty new activities in the educational discovery guide—part of the virtual exhibition Jean-Pierre Perreault, Choreographer—have been translated into English. These dance appreciation and movement creation activities are now available on EC2 under the theme The Weight of the World

The activities invite students to deepen their understanding of Jean-Pierre Perreault’s artistic world. By exploring his multiple talents and movement signature, as well as his vision of the dancer/performer, they are better able to appreciate his unique vision.

Students can examine Perreault’s drawings as part of his artistic process, explore the gestural and expressive qualities of performers, and discuss the artist’s unique creative process. The worksheets are designed to offer a deeper understanding of how the moving body, expression, performance and creation are inseparable Perreault’s works.

The activities are also an opportunity for students to learn the craft of choreography and immerse themselves in the Jean-Pierre Perreault’s artistic world by becoming aware of the body in movement, exploring, performing and creating.

The English version of the guide is available here: a great way to explore Perreault’s creative world and inspire even more young dance enthusiasts!


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