Successful Launch: L’INVISIBLE VISIBLE – Transmission d’outils d’interprétation en danse

December 21, 2016

A book by Sylvie Pinard

The launch of Sylvie Pinard’s book on November 30 was a huge success. Thank you to Manon Levac, performer and director of the Department of Dance at UQAM, who gave a heartfelt and inspiring talk about Sylvie Pinard’s work as a performer and teacher. Thank you as well to the large and enthusiastic audience. Thank you again to UQAM’s Department of Dance, which helped organize the event. And a special thank you to Sylvie Pinard, who spent more than four years writing the book. Her work is the legacy of a devoted and generous teacher who is eager to share her thoughts and experience with dance performers and instructors. Her “presence” at the launch was an inspiration in itself!

A reminder to those who are interested: L’INVISIBLE VISIBLE is available, free of charge, on the EC2 platform.