Memories of constrained and dancing bodies

June 1, 2021

Life is full of surprises and beautiful stories. This past winter, artist and illustrator Youloune was exploring our website when she came across the video recordings

of the event held by Ondinnok: Constrained Body, Dancing Body, Conversations and performances on Indigenous dance in Quebec today. She immediately wrote to us and shareda link to drawings she was working on.

The idea of making a small book soon sprang to mind. That is how the magnificent web publication Mémoires des corps entravés et des corps dansants came into being—a testament to the souls and bodies of the Indigenous artists who took part in the event.

We are enormously grateful to the artists who shared their thoughts and experiences; thank you to Ondinnok and Tangente for their generous collaboration; and a big thank you to Youloune who captured these fleeting moments with such grace and beauty.