Launch of the Projet pédagogique avec Angélique Willkie / Angélique Willkie Pedagogy Project

January 31, 2023

In May 2019, Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin and Natalie Zoey Gauld felt compelled to analyze and document the pedagogical practice of Angélique Willkie. Accompanied by Neil Sochasky, Melina Stinson, Thom Gossage, Charmaine LeBlanc and others, they spent three weeks in studio with the artist: from this immersive experience, they would produce 17 bilingual videos that will constitute the Projet pédagogique avec Angélique Willkie / Angélique Willkie Pedagogy Project. In them, Angélique looks at how her teaching tries to develop the body’s possibilities and people’s full potential.

The videos will soon be available on our website, but first they will be part of the Dance Pedagogy as Legacy and Knowledge Production event organized by the Concordia University Contemporary Dance Department, at the 4th Space, on Friday, February 10, at 10 a.m. The program includes continuous screening of the videos and round tables:

10:00-10:15 Welcome with Angélique Willkie, Lillia Mestre, and Jens Richard Giersdorf

Legacy Project
10:15-10:30 Lise Gagnon talking about Espace Perreault
10:30-10:45 Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin/Independent Artist introduces the Projet pédagogique avec Angélique Willkie / Angélique Willkie Pedagogy Project
10:45-11:00 Teach-in with Angélique Willkie
11:00-11:45 Marc Boivin/Independent Artist interviews Angélique Willkie

11:45-12:15 coffee break

Technologies of Transmissions
12:15-13:50 Roundtable with Guy Cools/UQAM, Jens Richard Giersdorf/Contemporary Dance, Concordia University, Sasha Kleinplatz/Ph.D. Student, Concordia University, Valerie Lessard/Filigrane Archives, Lilia Mestre/Contemporary Dance, Concordia University, VK Preston/ History, Concordia University, MJ Thompson/ Art Education, Concordia University, Angélique Willkie/Contemporary Dance, Concordia University.

13:50-14:00 Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin and Natalie Zoey Gauld/Independent Artists re-introduce the Legacy Project


Angélique Willkie Pedagogy Project and Dance Pedagogy as Legacy and Knowledge Production
Videos and round tables

4th Space, Concordia University
1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd West, Montreal
Friday, February 10 at 10 a.m.

As space is limited, the event will be accessible via zoom: here