Launch of a digital guide

November 4, 2019

As a conclusion to our Making Dance Discoverable Online project, the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault is delighted to invite you to the launch of the digital guide Bien documenter pour favoriser la découverte en ligne

, created by digital content consultant Josée Plamondon. The launch will be held on Thursday, November 14, at 5 p.m., at UQAM’s Department of Dance Lab, Room K-2205, at 840 Cherrier, in Montreal.

Josée Plamondon’s practical guide offers dance practitioners a method and tools to carry out metadata team projects in order to better preserve the digital traces of their creations and practices.

The guide will help us better map our digital ecosystem, represent information in the form of metadata, and understand what is required to relate these metadata to the Web of culture and knowledge.

In the guide, Josée presents an approach and technical options to effectively use metadata. She also shares the keys to a successful transition to discoverability. Her approach consists of three pillars:

Evaluate how information is presented on your website: how to map links connecting your offerings to your ecosystem online.

Represent information in the form of data: how to create a metadata model that describes what you are offering to your online audience.

Optimize online search and discoverability functions: explore two ways to link your information to the Web and assess their impact on your strategy.

The FJPP’s partners in the Making Dance Discoverable Online project included Martin Boisjoly of Carré des Lombes and Stéphanie Hinton of La danse sur les routes du Québec. They’ll share the challenges they encountered and the discussions that the project sparked in their respective work environments.

The FJPP expresses its deepest thanks to Josée Plamondon and would like to underscore her exemplary and inspiring commitment to the project. We would also like to thank the partners who took part in the workshops: Le Carré des Lombes, Circuit-Est, La Danse sur les routes du Québec, Lucie Grégoire Danse and the Regroupement québécois de la danse. Their active participation guided us in the development of the project.

The FJPP also thanks the Department of Dance at UQAM for its unwavering support throughout the project. Finally, we are very grateful to the CALQ for its key contribution: the Making Dance Discoverable Online project was made possible through the CALQ’s Exploration and Digital Deployment program.

Launch of the digital guide
Bien documenter pour favoriser la découverte en ligne

Thursday, November 14, at 5 p.m.
Department of Dance Laboratory, UQAM
840, Cherrier, Montreal, Room K-2205

The launch will be followed by a cocktail event

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