Between traces and writing

February 19, 2018

For the past several months, the FJPP has been developing a new series of focus days, to be held in May 2018, around the notions of traces, notations, documentation, memories and body/archives in dance. Participants will also be invited to discuss the impact of digital technologies on the creation, documentation and transmission of choreographic works.

Traces, writing and notation are fundamental concepts in dance, both in terms of creation and transmission. Although these ideas have received considerable attention elsewhere in the world, our dance community has yet to examine them in depth.

The FJPP invites the entire dance community to debate these issues with dance theorists and practitioners from here and abroad. The focus days will include round-table discussions, performances and workshops.


The FJPP has created this event in collaboration with an inspired and inspiring scientific committee, whose members are:

  • Anne Bénichou, Professor, Visual and Media Arts, UQAM
  • Marc Boivin, dancer and teacher
  • Lise Gagnon, Executive Director, FJPP
  • Armando Menicacci, Professor, Dance Department, UQAM
  • Katya Montaignac, dancer and dramaturg
  • Sophie Michaud, artistic dance consultant
  • Angélique Willkie, Assistant Professor and Researcher, Department of Contemporary Dance, Concordia University

We’ll be finalizing the program soon. Stay tuned!