An all-new artistic and scientific committee

December 21, 2016

At the launch of EC2 and our digital collection of choreographic toolkits, we told you we’d be setting up an artistic and scientific committee to contribute to our ideas and help orient our actions at the FJPP.We’re pleased to announce that the committee is up and running! Many thanks to the members who eagerly accepted this new role:

  • Anne Bénichou, art historian, professor at the School of Visual and Media Arts, UQAM
  • Brigitte Kherhervé, professor, director of undergraduate studies in computer science and software engineering, UQAM
  • Valérie Lessard, master’s student in information science at the Université de Montréal
  • Sophie Michaud, artistic consultant in contemporary dance
  • Katya Montaignac, performer, choreographer, dramaturg and critic
  • Nicole Turcotte, visiting professor in pedagogy at the Department of Dance, UQAM
  • Angélique Wilkie, multidisciplinary artist, professor at the Department of Contemporary Dance, Concordia University


This committee, representing our various areas of interest, will help the FJPP focus its strengths on issues related to dance legacies, creation and education, and also to pursue multi-disciplinary collaborative initiatives.