A Choreographic Tool Kit for Cartes postales de Chimère by Louise Bédard

January 5, 2015

In conjunction with the presentation of Cartes postales de Chimère, by Louise Bédard Danse at t the Agora de la danse from February 25th to 28th, the Fondation will be producing a choreographic tool kit to document this unique contribution to Quebec’s dance repertoire. Having earned the prestigious Jean A. Chalmers National Dance Award, the work will soon be documented from all perspectives (choreography, lighting, costumes, music, …). In essence, a choreographic tool kit brings together the various components needed to remount a work and to assure its continued transmission. Isabelle Poirier, one of the dancers who has now taken on the role created by Louise, will draft the script documentation. A wonderful challenge awaits her!

cartes postales