Manon Hotte archival fonds

March 23, 2017

In 2014, Manon Hotte, a Quebec choreographer who has been based in Geneva since 1981, began archiving documents from her artistic and teaching experiences with young dancers. After several months of work, the Manon Hotte archival fonds, supported by the association Cap Nord, was completed in February 2017.

The creators of the fonds developed an innovative archival approach using “creative boxes,” which allow users to easily explore different facets of the creative process. The archives are dynamic and open-ended: members of the general public are invited to add comments or their own artistic responses to the material.

In March and April, Manon will also be giving workshops to elementary students on archival techniques for dance material. They’re off to an early start!

The fonds is housed in Projet H107 in Geneva, a contemporary dance space for creative projects, residencies, archival work and artistic mentorship. For more information, visit Manon’s website!