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Rehearsals : Cartes postales de Chimère Re-enactment

Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique
Video recording
Xavier Curnillon
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Video during rehearsal with Louise Bédard and the two charismatics dancers : Isabelle Poirier and Lucie Vigneault (2015 restaging-handover). Challenge for Louise is passing both women her solo and her mature knowledge on to dancers who can draw on their own experiences of the solo as it was originally staged, and can interpret it through their own personalities.


Choreographic toolkit: Cartes postales de Chimère


With Cartes postales de Chimère, Louise Bédard made her mark in the dance world as both a dancer and choreographer, earning rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. In 2015, she remounted the work, passing on her solo role to two reputed dancers( Isabelle Poirier…


Launch of EC2 and three choreographic toolkits

The Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault launched its new digital platform EC2_Espaces chorégraphiques 2 and a unique digital collection of choreographic toolkits on September 21, 2016. These projects, designed to showcase Quebec’s contemporary dance heritage, were carried out in collaboration with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec,…

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Choreographic toolkit - excerpt

Duos pour corps et instruments – Excerpts 2014

A choreographic work and sound installation featuring an instinctive, visceral dialogue between movement and sound, Duos pour corps et instruments today bears the stamp of a new contemporaneity. Its three exceptional dancers, each of them preeminent figures in Quebec dance, are as charismatic and emblematic…

Event recording

CONSTRAINED BODY, DANCING BODY – 1st discussion circle

The body’s role in activating ancestral memory and decolonizing the territory of the Great Turtle With Moe Clark, Carlos Rivera, Marly Fontaine, Charles Koroneho, Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo and Leticia Vera. The event CONSTRAINED BODY, DANCING BODY Conversations and performances on Indigenous dance in Quebec today…