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Interview with Mélanie Demers

May 21, 2020
Xavier Curnillon
41 min 38
FJPP and MAYDAY - Mélanie Demers
Angélique Willkie

“To create something greater than ourselves, we have to relinquish control.” The words of Mélanie Demers during an interview with Angélique Willkie about Danse Mutante. The initial collective impetus of this immense three-year project was challenged by the desire for individual expression of the three other choreographers involved.

The project transformed Mélanie as much as it transformed the dancers. A frank interview about the complexities, potential for misunderstanding and high stakes of co-creation.


Around Danse Mutante


Danse mutante is a bold collective project that explores the mutation of a dance work, as well as ideas around transmission and performers’ authority and creative contribution. In the words of the project creator Mélanie Demers: “Danse Mutante is a duet performed by Francis Ducharme…


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