Video interview

Interview with Louise Bédard

Circuit-Est, Montréal
February 2015
Dominique Bouchard for Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique
Louise Bédard
Isabelle Poirier / Lucie Vigneault
Brahms, Kronos Quartet
Musical Research and Sountrack, soundtrack of the given extract
Michel F. Côté
Set design
Richard Lacroix
Costume and makeup
Angelo Barsetti
Lighting design
Lucie Bazzo
Video Archive
Cartes postales de Chimère (1996) – MAS Vidéo

Cartes postales de Chimère restaging-handover (in French)

This interview of Louise Bédard, taken in the early Cartes postales de Chimère recovery reversal rehearsals, takes us to the heart of the production. Choreographer with her eyes and her words , makes us discover (again) her work by sharing the workings of creation. Louise also talks about the content of the choreographic box, such as the choice of dancers and the contribution of each artists, which have contributed to make Cartes postales de Chimère a complete work in dance, designing costumes and accessories, set design, and music.


Cartes postales de Chimère Choreographic Toolkit

With Cartes postales de Chimère, Louise Bédard made her mark in the dance world as both a dancer and choreographer, earning rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. In 2015, she remounted the work, passing on her solo role to two reputed dancers ( Isabelle...


Launch of EC2 and three choreographic toolkits

The Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault launched its new digital platform EC2_Espaces chorégraphiques 2 and a unique digital collection of choreographic toolkits on September 21, 2016. These projects, designed to showcase Quebec’s contemporary dance heritage, were carried out in collaboration with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec,…

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Territoires Partagés – interview with Karla Étienne (in French)

Karla Étienne presents PEFAPDA – an interview led by Johanna Bienaise for Territoires Partagés – November 2019  

Audio interview

Territoires Partagés – interview with Bettina Szabo (in French)

Bettina Szabo tells Johanna Bienaise about her Home Training online initiative

Excerpt from work

Odalisca, by Louise Bédard

Odalisca, 2021, 12 min 56 s Odalisca was created during the pandemic in 2020 by choreographer Louise Bédard with the valuable assistance of Louis-Élyan Martin.   A word from the choreographer In 2019 I accumulated some material composed of short sequences with the dancer Louis-Élyan…

Excerpt from work

La Grincheuse, by Louise Bédard

La Grincheuse 2021, video num, 17 min 15 s La Grincheuse is a solo created by choreographer Louise Bédard and performed by dancer Sarah Williams. It was originally created as part of the work La Démarquise, in which Sarah Williams played several roles, including that…