Exhibiting Performance Art: a Historiographical Laboratory?

Anne Bénichou
June 5, 2017
Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault

Presented at Entretiens Jacques-Cartier (2014)

Published in Thema, revue des Musées de la civilisation (2015)



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Event recording

Les Impatientes dansent Joe – the performance

Invested, focused, united: on November 29, nine members of the group Les Impatients – Chantale Daigneault, Christiane Deschênes, Nia Gueye, Sylvie Laflamme, Marie-Diane Lee, Diane Major, Victoria Saraguro, Sonia Verreault, and Sandra Zéline – presented Danser Joe, the workshop created in 2013 by Ginelle Chagnon…


Fabulations à propos des solos de Louise Bédard (in French)

Photo above: Guylaine Massoutre and Louise Bédard during a get-together about the recreation of solos that inspired the writing of this text. For a completely fresh way into Louise Bédard’s world, a Guylaine Massoutre’s lovely essay which “ties” her series of solos to the long...
Excerpt from work

Le Collier de Sélène, by Louise Bédard

Le Collier de Sélène 2021, video num, 12 min 28 s Le Collier de Sélène is a solo created by choreographer Louise Bédard in complicity with dancer Marie Claire Forté. This solo (2014) has been danced too few times, hence the importance of giving it…

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En aparté with Raphaëlle Delaunay

Interview with Raphaëlle Delaunay about her career and approach to teaching contemporary dance in an international context.