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Danse mutante - Capsule 1 - Espace Perreault
Video interview

Danse mutante – Capsule 1

FJPP and MAYDAY - Mélanie Demers
Concept and artistic direction
Mélanie Demers
Francis Ducharme, Riley Sims

Danse Mutante is a duet performed by Francis Ducharme and Riley Sims, destined to know multiple mutations as it passes through the hands of four female choreographers on three different continents.

With :Francis Ducharme, Riley Sims, Mélanie Demers, Alexandre Pilon-Guay, Mykalle Bielinski, Anne-Marie Jourdenais, David Blouin and Julien Veronneau.


Around Danse Mutante


Danse mutante is a bold collective project that explores the mutation of a dance work, as well as ideas around transmission and performers’ authority and creative contribution. In the words of the project creator Mélanie Demers: “Danse Mutante is a duet performed by Francis Ducharme…


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Video interview

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